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This Is The Toughest Opponent All Ronaldo's Career

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima revealed the figure of Defender tertangguh had everencountered during a career as a spearhead. The figure was a Paolo Maldini.

Ronaldo never had to face the toughness of Maldini when uniformed Inter Milan from 1997 to 2002.

However, he also never played a team with Maldini when he returned to Italy and join AC Milan in 2007.

"Tertangguh Defender I've ever faced is Paolo Maldini. He was a strong defender-Defender exceeds Italy such as Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Nesta, and Pietro Vierchowod, "said Ronaldo as reported by Gazzetta World.

Former player ever to win two World Cup titles together with Brazil also claims to be proud to be located in the same generation with Francesco Totti.

This Is The Toughest Opponent All Ronaldo's Career

"An honour could play against Totti. He is a true champion and a good figure. We often meet at the moment and am proud to ad creation could be in the same generation with him, "he said.

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Rumors reserved removals from Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri kian santer circulating in recent weeks. Is it true that Allegri is interested in becoming the Club's Manager in the Premier League?

Outstanding news mentions that Allegri became a prime candidate to replace Louis van Gaal reacted position at Manchester United. However, the 48-year-old man it shook off the issue.

"I chose focus on my main mission which is certainly more important than rumourscirculating. I bound the contract until 2017 and feel excited to be coaching Juventus, "said Allegri was quoted as saying the ESPN site.

"Until then, I will stay focused to achieve important targets that we have set in this Club," he said.

As with any contract, Allegri Van Gaal reacted in Manchester United also will end in the summer of 2017. But lately the Netherlands origin it Manager is often criticized for his strategy does not match for the Red Devils.

This Is The Toughest Opponent All Ronaldo's Career

Meanwhile, Allegri recorded ever deal with a number of clubs including AC Milan and Cagliari. He has picked up two quarter-finals along with Milan (2010-2011) and Juventus (2014-2015).

This season, Juventus appearance degenerated quite drastically. Up to the 14th week of the Serie A 2015-2016, Juventus is still stuck in the top five of the standings temporarily.

I Bianconeri recently collecting 24 points from seven wins and three draw. They've left behind seven figure from Naples who are at the top of the League standings while Italy 2015-2016.

Throughout his career in Italy, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, had defended two Serie A Giants Club, namelyInter and AC Milan. Hence the dijagokan Club where Ronaldo to snatch the scudetto 2015-2016?

"The League is still too long and hard. However, after the defeat of Napoli, I decided to give support to Inter my Heart beats for.. Up to now I am still very attached to the city of Milan, "said Ronaldo as reported by Italy Football site.

Despite the support of Inter, Ronaldo confessed to also stay put special attention to the tommyimage of Milan. Only Inter have a deeper impression for his career rather than Milan.

This Is The Toughest Opponent All Ronaldo's Career

"I have a special admiration towards Milan. But I have to admit, Inter have a very important meaning for me. Five years related to the interisti certainly not a short period, "said Ronaldo.

For the record, Ronaldo defending Inter from 1997 to 2002. Along with Inter, he won the UEFA Cup in 1998. In 2007 to 2008, this Brazil footballer crossed into stronghold of Milan.

Who else dijagokan Ronaldo for the Serie A champion winning the title this season?As it turns out, Napoli and Juventus including two clubs according to Ronaldo mustlook out for.

"Naples is very competitive. Appearance is not the same as Juventus last season, but they remain very strong. If Rome is in the path of the hunt for the scudetto? I thinknot. They are on a lower level, "said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo ended the football adventure in 2011 along with Corinthians. Throughout his career, he was awarded the best Footballer the world three times, in 1996, 1997and 2002.