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Morata: Juventus win the important points from Palermo

The storm that hit Parma has not yet ended. After failing to match two melakoni because of the financial crisis, Parma also was unable to pay the salaries of players since the season 2014/15 starts.

Due to this condition, Italy Football Federation (FIGC) nonetheless sentenced two reductions in the form of points. Currently, Parma is still languishing in the bottom position of the Serie A with nine points from 24 matches.

Throughout the season, Parma incurred large amounts of debt reached 145 millionpoundterling. As a result, they could not afford the home and also pays the salaries of the players and staff.

To find a solution to the problem that afflicts Parma, the FIGC will call the parties related to discussions on March 19. This limited the meeting also invited the former President of the Club, Tommaso Ghirardi.

Morata: Juventus win the important points from Palermo

Previously, the FIGC had dirt roads by providing assistance for Parma. The assistance was in the form of a loan of 5 million euro order for Parma could last until the end of the season 2014/15.

Juventus managed to stay away from the pursuit of Rome after subjecting Palermo1-0, Sunday (15/3) early morning GMT. Arsenal's victory was created thanks to a single goal young Spain striker, Alvaro Morata.

The Juventus victory makes them more confident stare at the 31st Championship Serie a. in addition, The Old Lady is also optimistic it could reap the victory in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 at the headquarters of Borussia Dortmund.

"Beat Palermo is not an easy thing, but we were able to do so. We are excited to bepicking three points are very important. We need encouragement before flying to Germany and we got it, "said Morata.

Despite the success contributed goals for Juventus, Morata pleads not satisfied withthe accomplishments of which he achieved this season. The reason, Morata felt it was working very hard, but nicks golnya new this season amounted to 10.

"I want to continue to improve the appearance of in order to keep scoring. I sure could have scored more. I feel like playing at Juventus over the past few years, "said the former Real Madrid player was.

Morata: Juventus win the important points from Palermo

Coach Roberto Mancini has now openly wanted to return reunion with Yaya Toure at Internazionale. Manchester City midfielder was seen as the right figure for the Nerazzurri midfield.

Although it will be very difficult to make Manchester City want to take off Yaya Toure, Mancini remains confident can get a 31-year-old player was. What's 50 year old coach had a very good relationship with the players, like a father and son.

"We are very attracted to Yaya Toure who already own like a child to me. I do not think have said anything wrong by stating that, "said Mancini.

Mancini is a figure which wreaked Yaya Toure to Manchester City of Barcelona. Interever seems to have done the approach, as the Manager of the City, Manuel Pellegrini, had complained that Inter have been trying to have Yaya Toure and Stevan Jovetic.

Face Palermo at the Stadio Renzo Barbera, Juventus only slightly make changes on their team who will face heavy action cons Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. However, this turned out to be fruitful and bring the Bianconeri now winning 14 points from their nearest rivals, AS Roma.

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Morata: Juventus win the important points from Palermo

Facing a highly disciplined in Palermo, in both the first and second rounds, Juventuslooks hard-pressed to pass through. Even a Carlos Tevez ever seeming improvising to uninstall it.

But early in the second half, coach Massimiliano Allegri do change. Arturo Vidal and Alvaro Morata entered separately replace Sturaro Stefano and Fernando Llorente. This makes the attack-for the better.

After repeatedly failed, finally at the 70th minute Juventus managed to get the goalthey seek. The new Morata played 10 minutes berhasill releasing Spurn the left legwhich is not capable of phenomenal Stefano Sorrentino.

The goal in any succesfully defended Juventus until the end of the action. Because the game Palermo became a little more aggressive and not too think about their defense.

This victory makes Juventus now collect 64 points from 27 matches and winning 14 points from Roma's new play 26 times. This could make their focus slightly loosen Juventus in Serie A to better maximize the capabilities in the UEFA Champions League.