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Ljajic Quipped Icardi Passing Performance

In December 2011, Maurizio Sarri was fired by the Club of Sorrento, Lega Pro Primaor third level competition in Italy. Almost four years later, he brought the Naples team to Serie A.

Background Sarri, which more often menukangi the lower division clubs, making it often considered one eye. Spicy criticism already emerged at the beginning of this season of the biggest legends of Napoli, Diego Maradona.

"Sarri unfit to train. He's like a big prizes by being the coach seats, "he said in September.

The criticism comes as Maradona Napoli just picked up two points from three weeks of Prime, without a victory, and "stable" at posisike. It took only two months for Sarri to make the legend of the corrected word.

After revising the main tactics of the 4-3-1-2 to 4-3-3, the successor Rafa Benitez started last June that brought Naples skyrocket.

Ljajic Quipped Icardi Passing Performance

Since the fourth week, the unbeaten Azzurri nine victories, pluck, and conceded justthree goals in 11 League party! Sarri also brought Napoli qualified for the Europa League fall stage with Miss perfect, always win in the five-party group phase.

La Gazzetta dello Sport to label it "Sarri Potter" because it is considered a magical show like the Harry Potter fictional novelist J.K. Rowling.


The first peak of attainments Sarri is dropping off Naples as the leader of a single Serie A standings for the first time since 1989/90. At that time, I find their last scudettoPartenopei alongside Diego Maradona.

Sarri arguably had a complete cave capital following in the footsteps of legendary Squad of 25 years ago. If Guideline 14 weeks results in the early season, Napoli 2015-16 (9 wins-4 series-1 lost) a little better from the 1989-90 Squad (8-6-0).

Marek Hamsik cs is also very balanced. They had a predator tersubur in the League,Gonzalo Dismisses (12gol), and overall be the sharpest team third (26) after Rome (29) and Fiorentina (27). Behind Napoli and Inter's status as owner of the best defensebecause they conceded nine times.

Ljajic Quipped Icardi Passing Performance

I Vesuviani feasibility as a strong candidate for champion already seems on superiority a record duel sesame large team. In rounds this season, stayed the I of Rome has yet to defeat them. Although all factors favoring Sarri, he seemed to fall asleep.

"We've had 31 points. The number was even not enough make the team avoid relegation. I am not a dreamer and the players know their feet should remain memijak of the Earth, "said former bank employees told Gazzetta.

Mauro Icardi was the main Inter striker last season, man this Argentina became top scorer Inter and also in Serie A with a total of 22 seed.

Well, this season, Icardi recently made four goals. In late October, he had earlier complained in the media that he would routinely scored when got the services of fellow teammate. When it became a new decisive victory Icardi 1-0 Inter over Bologna.

The speech that had made the media as tools create attacking Icardi. Understandably, his status as captain of the team was deemed inappropriate create complained about the condition of the team. What is interesting is that after the speech, there was one figure who seemed to experience a jump in performance.

An attacking midfielder of Serbian origin of Muslims who were the top goal assists Icardi contributor in the game.

Since the game in the 10th week, Ljajic was the more trusted by the Inter coach, Roberto Mancini, created the show as a starter. Ljajic not discard useless beliefs.

Ljajic appear full when it beat Roma (1-0), became a substitute opponent Torino (1-0), and became the star of the game against Frosinone (4-0). The 24-year-old man is also being the best player when Inter lost to Napoli (1-2).

Ljajic Quipped Icardi Passing Performance

Not only is he became leading scorer made Inter, he also was the player who most often create opportunities create a fellow teammate.

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Against Napoli, he initiated the action as players left the attacker in the system 4-3-3. Ljajic oft swapped positions with Ivan Perisic.

When Inter had to play with 10 players, Mancini chose any compromising Icardi andLjajic as a striker.

Mancini might think while playing with 11 players alone Icardi performed badly, especially when his team loses one player.

In spite of the lack of supplies from the Inter midfield, Icardi static look so often isolated in the middle of the defense. He doesn't try to create create a space or looking for the ball.

When the Inter attack lead Ljajic in Act two, running different action story.

Ljajic very car. He kept running, looking for the ball, disturbing the opponent, to resolve the opportunities create into goals.

It is like passing performance against Icardi quipped Napoli by showing an attackercan make a difference despite minimal assistance with hard work.