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Inter's Hopes Of Retaining The Scudetto Competition

Vice President, Javier Zanetti Inter Milan, assessing the scudetto this season will bewon by the team's most consistent. Inter legend was hoping the hosts squad Real Madrid can win the competition to win the Serie A title.

So far this season, Inter Milan was able to be at the top of the competition standings Serie a. They had climbed to the top before being defeated at once didongkel from top, Monday (30/11/15).

However, with packs of 30 points I Nerazzurri just coincidentally a number of Napoliat the top of the standings. It means competition title this season is still very open.

"Coach Roberto Mancini has done a wonderful job. The competition in the League is balanced, "said Zanetti as reported by Sky Italy.

"A consistent Team will come out as a winner. I hope it is Inter. Now we're back into a title contender and the players have understood what it means to wear the uniform, "he said.

Inter's Hopes Of Retaining The Scudetto Competition

The Inter Milan midfielder, Adem Ljajic (24), believes the defeat of his team of Naples thus become an advantage. This gives motivation for the landing Squad of coachRoberto Mancini for raging at the next party.

"The defeat at Napoli into profit. We got a new light in the way of playing, "said Ljajic told reporters in Brooks Brothers, was quoted as saying Football Italy, Thursday(3/12/2015).

"This gives us more power and I hope you will see our anger on the field against Genoa," he continued.

On the latest party Nerazzurri cons Napoli on Tuesday (1/12/2015) early morning EDT, Mauro Icardi dkk yield 1-2 at the San Paolo. However, La Beneamata reaped many praises for being able to perform pressing despite only playing with ten men, after Yuto Nagatomo rewarded the red card.

Ljajic admitted any all-out for the sake of appearing ready to achieve optimum results and satisfy the public Giuseppe Meazza.

"I want to play a role in helping the team more, not just in terms of attack. Every Sunday I have to give all the best capabilities on top of the field, "Connect Player birth of Novi Pazar, Serbia, it is.

Vice President, Javier Zanetti Inter Milan (42), says Inter will fight to the end for the sake of reaching achievements. Such optimism is in line with action when Roberto Mancini's forces insist on going to Naples on Tuesday (1/12/2015) early morningGMT.

Inter's Hopes Of Retaining The Scudetto Competition

"The important thing for us is to fight to the end," said Zanetti told the media gathered at the Piazzale Angelo Moratti, as reported by the Italy Football.

Playing with 10 men since the minute-44 as a result of the red card received by Yuto Nagatomo, La Beneamata remains capable of Naples until the final whistle stormedthe match was blown. This can be seen with two golden opportunities in the second half from Stevan Jovetic and Joao Miranda who strikes the goalposts.

"If we continue to show positive things such as in Naples, then we will be hard to beat. I hope it is a starting point, "said former team captain blue-black.

"The reaction in Naples made us realize the power we can fight until the end. We will see the results at the end of the season, "sambungnya.

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Zanetti also praised coach Roberto Mancini who continue to motivate children asuhnya from the sidelines.

"Mancini has great desire. He prepares the match right down to the smallest parts and all members of the team followed suit, "said full-back which is identical with the number 4 backs it.

"This club has full confidence in Mancini and children can feel it. We also got an important boost from the fans, and we hope can see Inter climb higher and higher, "said Zanetti who became an important pillar when the Nerazzurri grabbed a treble winners 2009-2010 season.