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Agent: I rejected all offers to Juan Jesus

Internazionale, defender Juan Jesus, is rumored to have received some bids to join from other clubs. However, it was all denied by his agent, Roberto Calenda.

This was done because he felt Jesus Calenda feel very happy playing in Inter. Although 23 year old player was always paying attention to the existence of any offer that goes to memboyongnya.

"Juan always focus notice any interest from other clubs and it is very normal. He played great, he is in the Brazil squad, and he is still young, "said Calenda to

"Juan always loved the team where he played. He only thought of Inter and he always sad third everything did not go well. Therefore, as long as he's happy at Inter, I won't listen to any offer. "

Though always listen to incoming bids, but Jesus never intend to go from Inter as himself feel very needed by the Nerazzurri, although leadership coaches often change.

Agent: I rejected all offers to Juan Jesus

"Inter have always supported him because he almost always played in every game with every coach to handle the team. Among the Coppa Italy, Serie A, Europa Leagueaction, and friendship, he has played more than 100 matches, "continued Calenda.

"He's never held back making him he always play, even in a time where he should rest. I always laugh when I heard someone criticized him as a scapegoat in the defense. "

Carlos Tevez insists that he is not at all weighed down with a Basketball Jersey thathe wore 10 at Juventus. Although the uniform has a long history and have been used by the players was great.

Call it the name Alessandro Del Piero, Roberto Baggio, and Michel Platini who never used the number. Everything is a legend that the Bianconeri to boasted certainly equated with them, although only from the back.

"Whether it's a pressure? For me personally, I have never felt that it was a pressure. Although it is important, I wouldn't be giving an additional pressure on myself when I wear the uniform, in which many players the Juventus Idol was wearing it before me, "said Tevez to

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Agent: I rejected all offers to Juan Jesus

Earlier, Carlos Tevez has never wore the uniform number 10 since migrated to Europe. With three previous clubs, West Ham United, Manchester United, and Manchester City, Carlitos 32 always wear numbered uniforms.

"Since the beginning, I never felt worthy of wearing a jersey numbered seragan 10. It will only make the going crazy and can't do your job properly, "he said.

The last time Tottenham in uniform numbered 10 while still playing in South America along with Corinthians last season and his first at the Club, Boca Juniors.

The bad news hasn't stopped hitting AC Milan. The steep road towards the CentralEuropean zone, a number of players bertumbangan one by one due to injury.

One of the important players who re-entered the medical room is Stephan Aldo. Young Italy striker had to be beached in quite a long time because the bone metatarsalnya (soles) broken.

That injury experienced by Aldo on January 24, when Milan lost 1-3 from Lazio. The medical team estimated that injury will recover by the end of March. However, recent news mentions El Sha should be pulled over a longer period.

"In accordance with the scheduled time on 24 January, Stephan Aldo undergoing specialist visits Professor Niek van Dijk to check cederanya," wrote an official statement.

Agent: I rejected all offers to Juan Jesus

"The results of the visits was satisfactory and compound fractures at the base of the metatarsal bones in the right leg of El Sha is getting better. But El Sha should be more rest, at least for about a month. "

Antonio Conte performed various ways to increase Italy's national team. Despite lacking support from the clubs, Conte never tired of traveling around Italy to monitor the talents of gold Gli Azzurri.

Latest news refer to Conte was intrigued by the appearance of Matias Vecino. Uruguay-born midfielder Empoli was able to appear convincing all the Serie A competition by 2014/15.

Although born and raised in Uruguay, Vecino has two different nationality. Opportunity to call Conte Vecino getting bigger because he has never been the strengthening of Uruguay.

During this time, Vecino only trusted to appear to defend the junior team of Uruguay. Players on loan from Fiorentina was recorded once defended the Uruguay U-20World Cup U-20 2011 in Colombia.

News from Italy to call Conte thought to seek alternative players because there is not a lot of young talents that shines the light of Italy. They often compete with foreign players.

To raise the achievements of the national team in Italy, before the FEDERATION (PSSI Italy) planned to reduce the number of contestants to 18 Serie A teams. Purpose is to make the schedule of the competition is not too dense.