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Thierry Henry: Benzema, Arsenal Could Be Premier League Champions!

Louis van Gaal reacted denied if Manchester United needs help in the front line personnel and claims to be satisfied with existing players.

Radamel Falcao to Chelsea Hengkangnya and Robin van Persie to Fenerbahce to make Red Devils only have Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez in the sector. The time counter in the Tottenham Hotspur match weekend Prime Premier League season 20150-016, Rooney was demoted as the sole striker.

In that game, MU winning 1-0 own goal results of Kyle Walker. Van Gaal reacted to call his team's offensive line if it does not need to be addressed. Last season, Rooney was often handed down as a midfielder. But now that Netherlands coach call if the player will be returned to his position as "number nine."

"No, it's not a priority that I had in mind. It is more to the advice of the media only.Striker Wayne Rooney for me is and we also have Hernandez, Adnan Januzaj and James Wilson. The arrival of the new name in this sector is not the main thing, "said Van Gaal reacted as reported by the Telegraph.

Thierry Henry: Benzema, Arsenal Could Be Premier League Champions!

"But when it could buy another striker who had a lot of quality more than the existing players, then we will buy it. Again I emphasize if only the media that make if Manchester United need a striker, "the lid.

Arsenal's defeat of West Ham United, Sunday (9/8/2015), it feels unexpected. Note the Nice dikantungi by Arsene Wenger's squad before doing The power Hammers.

The Gunners have to bear the shame after being defeated 2-0 by West Ham Unitedat the moment play in its inaugural game as the Emirates Stadium in the Premier League United Kingdom 2015-2016.

In fact, good records are owned by the clubs FA Cup trophy holders and Community Shield 2015. Earlier, in the last 15 meetings with The Hammers, Arsenal none accept defeat.

As many as 13 matches any of them completed with the results of victory for North London stronghold. But note that tercoreng foolishness and goals created CheikhouKouyate and Mauro Zarate was replied to by Olivier Giroud dkk.

Thierry Henry: Benzema, Arsenal Could Be Premier League Champions!

The results of this became the first defeat of Arsenal at the top of West Ham's owncage since the last time it was received on April 7, 2007. Eight years ago, The Gunners tumbles through the only scorer Bobby Zamora.

This new defeat over West Ham's fifth since Arsenal were handled by Arsene Wenger. Since 1996, the team hosts Wenger recently defeated in October 1999 (with a score of 1-2), February 2006 (2-3), November 2006 (0-1), April 2007 (score 0-1), and August 2015 (score 0-2).

The defeat of this year (score 0-2) has become the largest goal difference with defeat for Arsenal over West Ham since April 1994. At that time, The Gunners also lost by a score of 0-2.

But the two biggest Arsenal defeat derby occurred in November 1960 with the score 0-6 and March 1927 with a score of 0-7.

So far, Arsenal never again lose twice in a row in a season of West Ham since the last time in the season 2006-2007. Therefore, their second meeting this season on April 2016 is worth the wait. Arsenal will fix his record? Or West Ham who extend their winning record?

One of the legends of football United Kingdom is now the observer football, ThierryHenry revealed a plan to transfer the two Premier League clubs. Manchester Unitedtarget signature Pedro while Arsenal is reportedly hoping to bring Karim Benzema.

Thierry Henry: Benzema, Arsenal Could Be Premier League Champions!

Pedro rumored Manchester United Old Trafford rivals before September arrived as a replacement for Angel Di Maria who was invited to Paris Saint-Germain. On the other hand, the Gunners reportedly are trying to buy Benzema, even those willing to spend money for her segepok.

"Louis van Gaal reacted wanted players who could follow the style of game he wants, that's why he's Pedro meminati. I've seen the game at Barca, he could suppress opponents and can play wide. "

"While Arsenal, they could win the League if Curry joined. I think if Arsenal gets his services, not only will they be positioning itself as a challenger to the title, but also the Champions League, "explained Henry told talkSPORT.

Earlier, the players Manchester United legend Roy Keane, Zinger, spicy to the player's Arsenal. According to him, The more hooked Gunners penggawa do selfie and show off their stomach six-packs them rather than think of the title. Whether this habit makes Olivier Giroud became a striker who was barren?

"They need a different striker Olivier Giroud rather then. He's obviously just been nice to score a goal but you need a striker who can expand defense opponents, "closeHenry.