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Chelsea Detained Swansea, Mourinho's Criticism Of Medical Team

Midfielder Adam Lallana mentions closing action opposed to Stoke last season very painful create memorable. He now wants to redeem lusting with positive results.

"The last match opponent Stoke last season really ruin our summer vacation. I could not stop thinking about them, "said Lallana at The Guardian.

"We must forget the defeat it and take advantage of the opportunity. I remember Manchester United losing 1-6 of Manchester City at Old Trafford. Sometimes scary things like that can happen, "continued Lallana.

According to the former Southampton player, now Liverpool would appear different. A number of new players coming in and it makes the power of The Reds can be different.

Liverpool lost Steven Gerrard who moved to LA Galaxy and Raheem Sterling who was invited to the City. However there is an additional new powers such as Christian Benteke, Roberto Firmino, James Millner, and Danny Ings.

Chelsea Detained Swansea, Mourinho's Criticism Of Medical Team

"After the defeat of opponents to Stoke last season opening match with an opponent the same psychological tests is created. There are also pressures create a new player. All would want good results. If playing in the clubs of Liverpool, surely there will be a lot of expectation from supporters. I'm sure we can get through smoothly, "said Lallana.

The results drew 2-draw with Chelsea earned kala Swansea City in the League's inaugural game Saturday, United Kingdom (8/8/2015), leaving a profound disappointment for the Manager, Jose Mourinho. In addition because of a red card received regrets Thibaut Cortouis, Mou was pouting with her medical team intervention.

The Manager of the origin of Portugal that criticized the step physiotherapist Jon Fearn Carneiro and Eva who ran onto the field to do maintenance to the midfielder Eden Hazard in last-minute match.

The hazard must be brought to the edge of the field, it's what makes Mourinho otters. Because other than a waste of time, The Blues are only amplified the nine playersthat time Central seeks to pursue the goal of victory.

"I'm not happy with our medical staff. Because they have to understand the course of the match. When they go to the field to take care of the game, they have to be sure first that if a player has a problem of serious injury, "said Mou was quoted as saying ESPN.

"I am sure that the Hazard did not have serious problems. It has undergone minor collisions and fatigue. My medical team should make the team leaving eight players to perform the attack. I worry about it, "sambungnya.

Chelsea Detained Swansea, Mourinho's Criticism Of Medical Team

One further point to make the defending champion is ranked five standings while the Premier League. While Swansea remain in 7th position.

Manchester United's success picking 1-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur in the League's inaugural game at Old Trafford, United Kingdom Saturday (8/8/2015). The Red Devils victory determined goal scorer Kyle Walker committed suicide in the 22ndminute.

Refer to statistics, all that action, all those games, MU release one shot titis from fiveattempts, with 50 per cent possession. As for West Ham let go four shots of six experiments.

"I see both teams played attacking. We are equally unable to cope with the attack of the opponent. I hope THY can perform even better. The Spurs were always pressing until we had been unable to overcome it. I need to fix that problem, "said Van Gaal reacted was quoted as saying.

Chelsea Detained Swansea, Mourinho's Criticism Of Medical Team

Meanwhile, with regard to the performance of Defender Matteo Darmian and winger Memphis Depay, Van Gaal reacted claims to be satisfied with the performance of two players who are not yet two months Old Trafford became subjects of it.

"I said to Depay not to get too excited Like instagram banyak and passionate in the play. But playing for the first time at Old Trafford would certainly like that. I loved their performance especially Matteo Darmian, "praise Van Gaal reacted.

Arsenal will begin their journey at the Premier League 2015-2016 with face West Ham United at the Emirate Stadium, Sunday (9/8/2015). The Gunners ensured vied forthree points in the match after getting injections of additional mental post won theCommunity Shield.

Arsenal have just find their 14th degree Community Shield after beating Chelsea with a thin score 1-0 at Wembley Stadium, Sunday (2/8/2015). This win definitely makes Arsene Wenger's squad was mentally getting soar ahead of facing The Hammers.

Not only is it in action pramusim, Arsenal also appeared very ciamik by grabbing four victories with and managed to bring home two trophies Barclays Asia Trophy and the Emirates Cup. Great Cannon bastions of London again was able to pack the 14 touchdowns with just one conceded.

"Preparation gave birth to the confidence so we can go into the season in good shape. Now it's about grabbing points, performanceefficiency, togetherness and oneness of heart, "said Wenger as reported by resm Club page.