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Column: welcome the Capitalist who began to Downsize the League

FA United Kingdom created panic with the phenomenon of foreign incursion into their country. Their arrival kian minimize opportunity mentas local talents. The effects, the United Kingdom's national death cards on the elite world competition.

BBC Sport open data throughout the season of 2013-2014, United Kingdom players just played 32.36% from total time Premier League matches United Kingdom. Ironically all season that only five players who play in the United Kingdom 38 matches. United Kingdom succumbed in his own country.

The draft rules capping the import footballer buzzed. However, with such a huge amount of income, the highest authority of the United Kingdom Football looks a lot more yield. The question is, with so the magnitude of the income which is then coupled lust shopping players, whether the balance of financial United Kingdom clubs remain in the positive line?

Column: welcome the Capitalist who began to Downsize the League

Towards the end of the 2014-2015 season, Daily Mail issued a financial data clubs United Kingdom League participants. The bitter facts to unfold, if a number of elite clubs bear the burden of huge debts.

Chelsea into the Club which has debts in the United Kingdom League. Recorded, The Blues owe 958 million pounds. While John Terry's income was only cs. 319.9 million pounds.

Chelsea's biggest expenses, to pay the players, reached 193 million pounsterling (60 percent).

When talking business, investing in Russia businessman, Roman Abramovich, the club based in the city of London arguably buntung.

The most popular clubs in the world, Manchester United, also have debts piled up.Debts The Red Devils comes from Club owner do loans, when the Glazer family, took over the Club in 2003.

At that time, United States businessman was using loan funds to take over majorityownership of the Club.

Manchester United has debts recorded 342 million pounds. Lucky, with a total revenue of 433.1 million pounds, the Club's financial balance sheets is still stable. They were still able to pay players salaries through total 215 million pounds.

Column: welcome the Capitalist who began to Downsize the League

The same arsenal as well. Finished bail out construction of the Emirates Stadium, The Gunners still have a debt obligation 240.5 million pounds. Although the amount of that debt is indeed still belongs to secure, if looking at revenue clubs amounted to298 million pounds. Meanwhile, the total salary to be paid by clubs to players achieving 166.4 million pounds.

FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, known for supremely capitalist, repeatedly criticized the aggressiveness of United Kingdom clubs stock transfer. They judged too daring topay players with unusually high salary in each pekannya. Original man Switzerland briefly mengapungkan the idea of implementation of the salary cap in the League United Kingdom.

Regardless of the level of popularity of the Premier League who continue to skyrocket, FIFA concerned the competition on this one will be a financial loss because of the case. In the 1980-1990 Serie A performances so the magnet with the presence of seabrek stars in nganjuk.

However, because it is not confident of managing the business, coupled the boss-boss of the elite Country Club Azzurri long ngos-ngosan also throw away their money for top players. AC Milan, Internazionale of Milan or Juventus, which used to be bak from sugar ants (an elite footballer), now no longer looks shiny.

Column: welcome the Capitalist who began to Downsize the League

The downfall of AC Parma in Serie A last season bak expunge an unlimited competition that used to be such a spectacle must for fans pekannya Indonesia end of eachball. Earlier, Fiorentina suffered the same fate before eventually rise again.

Will the United Kingdom clubs will suffer the same fate? Sad story of the downfall ofPortsmouth in 2012 is very eye opening, whatever might happen if management ofthe business of the Club is not done carefully.

In an era of global capitalization, the big glossary of peg pole continuously so illegitimate goods. Like said, the money machine must continue to produce maximum benefits for the maximum.

In the end the owners of United Kingdom Club of sorts, Roman Abramovich (Chelsea), Khaldoon Al Mubarak (Manchester City), Stan Kroenke (Arsenal), John w. Henry (Liverpool), cannot continue to be forced to invest empty. They would also like to be able to material gain.

Reflection of cautiousness United Kingdom clubs look in 2015-2016 season. The defending champion Chelsea a typically aggressive hunt for expensive players, cautiousin transfer window this time. The Blues only Radamel Falcao hook from AS Monacoon loan for one season. Other additional goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, Stoke, which is only worth 7 million pounds sterling.

Compare with last season, Chelsea like hungry berbanderol expensive players Cesc Fabregas (30 million pounds), Diego Costa (32 million pounds), Juan Cuadrado (27 million pounsterling).