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The Legend Of The Arsenal Support MU Recruitment Pedro

Chelsea successfully winning over Swansea City in the first half at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (8/8). Oscar Fernandez and suicide become heroes because their goal in the 23rd minute and 30 replied only once by Swansea via Andre Ayew.

Throughout the first 45 minutes goes by, two CF and selling each other's attacks. Minutes later, Bafetimbi Gomis ke15 threatened the goal The Blues, Thibaut Courtois lucky still keep his pass with alacrity.

In an instant the Gomis became a hero in the 22nd minute into losers. Cesar Azpilicueta to crunching tackles on the left side of the field to make the referee blew the whistle length. With astute Oscar sends the ball into the left corner of Swansea and Goals! Chelsea winning 1-0. But Jose Mourinho's forces focus loosens and Swansea are aware of it.

The Legend Of The Arsenal Support MU Recruitment Pedro

New six minutes later, an attack was rebuilt by Swansea. Ball met the head of Gomisbut reflected Courtois is still good. Wild rose ball rolling toward Andre Ayew and former Marseille player was shot but blocked by Terry, the round leather back to his feet and did not think he was old hitting the left corner of the net Courtois. 1-1!

Chelsea turned back. A JAB from Willian unaccompanied by a defender-Defender Swansea, intended to feed the ball instead reflected on the foot of Federico Fernández. Jose Mourinho can smile again, 2-1 to the host. The nine-minute lobbed down,Gylfi Sigurdsson to shoot the ball from outside the penalty box but Andy still could be denied by Courtois.

In 41 minutes, Swansea gets keapesan, tekel received Ki Sung-Yueng too hard so the manager Gary Monk decided to replace him with Jack Cork. Until the first round completed, score 2-1 for the superiority of Chelsea.

Tottenham Hotspur Defender Kyle Walker, judge the Manchester United victory obtained by fortune. Yes, a single-goal victory to THEE in this party created through suicide Walker.

The Legend Of The Arsenal Support MU Recruitment Pedro

Tottenham Hotspur had to give up 0-1 from MU in Prime Premier League action 2015-2016 which takes place at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (8/8/2015). Walker who intends to banish the ball from the feet of Wayne Rooney's 22nd minute preciselywithout accidentally putting it into his own goal.

However, Walker claimed to have not been able to accept this defeat. The reason, he assesses The Lilywhites appeared charmingly throughout the game with a record53% possession 47% with respect to the property of MU. Not only is it in an air duelsquad Mauricio Pochettino's also excels in aerial duels, with a record 11 as opposed to the seven belong to thee.

"We give them a tough game but it's a shame we didn't score a goal," said Walkerwas quoted as saying the BBC.

"The question of goals that I tried to put my foot on the ball so he kicked my legs instead of balls, so arguably Rooney a bit lucky. Now we're just looking forward and upward to the next match, "Walker shut down.

The Legend Of The Arsenal Support MU Recruitment Pedro

In the next match, Totteham Hotspur will face Stoke City at White Hart Lane Stadium, Saturday (15/8/2015). While the MU will be visited to roost Aston Villa in Villa Park Stadium, Friday (2/8/2015).

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry giving support to Manchester United to bring Pedro Rodriguez on stock transfers this summer. According to Henry, Pedro is the type of player that's right for you.

MU became a top team that is interested in Jasa followers instagram bringing in Pedro in this transfer. In fact, reportedly funds of around 22.3 million pound sterling or equivalent to Rp 467 billion ready digelontorkan for the sake of securing the services of Pedro. But up to now the deal has not yet taken place.

"Van Gaal reacted continue to buy players in the summer to suit her way of playing.Pedro know THY tactics, he can do what it wants by Van Gaal reacted, "said Henry was quoted as saying of Marca.

Henry also explains very know how to play Pedro. The reason, Henry had a chance to play with Pedro in Barcelona for two seasons (2008-2010).

"I saw him play at Barcelona, he was able to play the repressing and widened to thewings. This same situation when Bastian Schweinsteiger buy MU. Van Gaal reacted know when he asks for something to Schweinsteiger, he will do it, "Henry shut down.

THY interest to land Pedro started when Van Persie was invited to Fenerbahce. This condition makes the Red Devil has only three stocks i.e., attackers Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and James Wilson to wading through the rigors of competition in 2015-2016.