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Own Goal Carry THY 4-1 While Spurs

Positive appearance shown Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford. The Red Devils winning one goal to down a drink.

Manchester United live match of the Premier League season United Kingdom premiere of 2015-2016 with entertain Tottenham Hotspur at the headquarters of her greatness, Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (8/8/2015).

MU lowers her new action on three players, namely Matteo Darmian, Memphis Depay, and Morgan Schneiderlin. Meanwhile, goalkeeper entrusted Louis van Gaal reacted to Sergio Romero. David De Gea could not carry and looks sitting in the bleachers wearing suits.

THEE down with the 4-2-3-1 in the match. Wayne Rooney is believed to be the soleattacker, accompanied by three energetic midfielder, Juan Mata, Ashley Young andMemphis Depay. Tottenham also came down with the same formation and rely onHarry Kane as bomber solo.

Own Goal Carry THY 4-1 While Spurs

Throughout the first half, the game runs with a slow tempo. Both teams seemed toplay closed. However, all that changed after the match stepped on 15 minutes. MU look more dominant 55 percent possession.

Ruptured THY deadlock in the 22nd minute. Through rapid counterattacks, Young let go flat cross to Rooney's free-standing on the right side. Kyle Walker to throw outthe ball from the back quite accidentally menceploskannya into his own goal. THY winning 1-0.

MU back get opportunities in 36 minutes. Juan Mata opened fire at close range volley with his left foot. However, the direction of sliced still sideways on the left side of the net with Tottenham. The superiority of one goal, MU goes up to the first round is over.

Outside the fact United Kingdom International title famine since 1966, the highest caste of professional competition Country Queen Elizabeth labeled English Premier League so universal's most popular event.

A soccer enthusiast in various parts of the world such as Bewitched watched the competition is considered to have the most competition evenly across the face of the Earth. You may be one of them.

Own Goal Carry THY 4-1 While Spurs

In fact, the original United Kingdom clubs not solely so the King of Europe. Talk of accomplishment, La Liga Spain may look more classy 10 in recent years. Real Madrid (2013-2014) and Barcelona (2014-2015) so a half-hour of the last two editions of the Champions League, reaffirms the Country's elite competition if Matador significantly bore the team's topnotch from the achievement.

However, the Real power as well as Barca could not thus displacing the hegemony of the clubs Premier League United Kingdom, contestants in the popularity contest to attract fans all over the world. Their action in the field of green in each domestic competition pekannya scene always so cotton candy. Premier League broadcasting rights United Kingdom price continues to soar in each season.

As reported on BBC Sport, competition Manager at the beginning of 2015 has sold the rights to broadcast the matches of 5.136 billion pounds sterling or equivalent to Rp 99.4 trillion. A number that exceeds the GRANT funds Jakarta 2015 which reached Rp 72 trillion. Rose 71 percent from the previous amount!

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Sky pay 4.2 billion pounds for five of the seven packages of television broadcasting rights in the auction. While their rivals, BT Sport, issued 960 million pounds for twoother packages. The deal will run for three years and began starting next year.

The increase in this amount automatically reached a selling price of broadcasting rights for distribution second-run television stations to other countries.

Own Goal Carry THY 4-1 While Spurs

Do not be surprised with the amount of income that is so plump, Premier League Manager United Kingdom so indulgent clubs participants of the competition. Recentlythe Daily Mail released data reserved the income elite Country Clubs Three Lions on the season 2014-2015.

Chelsea's status as the winner of the competition gets a total prize of 99 million pounds ($ 2 trillion). This amount so received the largest ever prize a club in a competition.

24.9 million pounds, the details of the prize directly because of the won. The Blues also Pocket 19.98 million pounds because of the match they are living the most television broadcast.

On the other hand, Jose Mourinho's Club also pocketed 27.8 million pounds from foreign broadcasters. They also got the gelontoran funds from the main sponsor of the competition, Barclay, amounting to 4.4 million pounds. The revenue amount is a lot more to come by Barcelona last season so the Champions League champions. The team's Luis Enrique was "only" accounting for a total of Rp 541.6 billion as the best team on the continent of blue.

With such a huge income, no surprise if United Kingdom clubs each season looks very freely shopping players. Top footballer from different countries United Kingdomclubs menyesaki.

With income salary wah, they willingly so robots live sequence matches more than at present compete in the competition.