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Officially, Mourinho Extend Service in Chelsea

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted claimed to be the victim ofReal Madrid's transfer policy. Netherlands coach it regrets the transfer saga goalkeeper David De Gea who dragged on.

Van Gaal reacted have decided not to lose De Gea in the Prime League action United Kingdom against Tottenham Hotspurs on Saturday (8/8/2015). He's assess Spaingoalkeeper was not the focus of the match due to transfer to Madrid never completely.

"I was the victim of Real Madrid, the other players are also victims, so with this club.That is why the period of transfer must be changed, "Van Gaal reacted cetus as quoted Manchester Evening News.

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Officially, Mourinho Extend Service in Chelsea

According to the coach, aged 64 years, the attitude that De Gea changed since santer reportedly invaded El Real.

"I have observed De Gea in the practice sessions, I think De Gea who now is not DeGea on last season. He has tried to do good, but the situation is being difficult, "saidVan Gaal reacted.

"Now we would play a game. This is obviously a very important match. I need the players focus on the game later but De Gea had been unable to do so, "he explained.

Van Gaal reacted any expose the reasons why process removals De Gea to Madrid convoluted. According to him, the Real Madrid striker paid the price it wants.

"Always pay, we buy players and then pay it. Now, what has been the Real Madrid offer? "said the former Bayern Munich coach it.

"We asked for money and Madrid must pay an amount of money. In some recent seasons, Manchester United has already paid much of the funds and we never received a lot of funds from our players, "said Van Gaal reacted.

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho signed a new contract that makes him tied with Chelsea until June 2019.

Mourinho deal with Chelsea, for the second time, in the summer of 2013. Then, he and Chelsea agreed a contract lasted four seasons, or until June 2017. After not winning any event in 2013-2014, Chelsea close last season as the Premier League and Champions League Trophies.

Officially, Mourinho Extend Service in Chelsea

"I never said, that when I go back to (Chelsea FC), I have a feeling the incredible against the Club and nothing has changed," said Mourinho.

"In my opinion, reasonable I signed a new contract. It is important for us to always have the continuity like this and I hope we can enjoy even greater success in the future, for the supporters, the players, and the Club. "

"This is the Club closest to my heart and I am very happy because I know it will remain here for a long time," said Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho's first deal with Chelsea in July 2004 to September 2007. Afterwards,Mourinho deal with Inter Milan (June 2008-may 2010) and Real Madrid (May 2010-June 2013).

In the first period of Mourinho, Chelsea won the Premier League 2005, 20062007 FA Cup, League Cup: 2005, 2007, and the 2005 FA Community Shield.

The Premier League has entered into a new season of United Kingdom. The highestcaste football competition in the United Kingdom it will start rolling on Saturday(8/8/2015) with a match Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur cons as the opening game.

In the inaugural game, Manchester United have to prove efficacy rekrutan upgrade for them, i.e., Sergio Romero, Morgan Schneiderlin, Bastian Schweinsteiger, MatteoDarmian, and Memphis Depay.

Meanwhile, the champions survived Chelsea will also start the game on the same day the face of Swansea City. Minimal changes to the arrangement of the Chelsea squad were supposed to make it more convenient than the other clubs that have new players.

Officially, Mourinho Extend Service in Chelsea

The second day just the Premier League will be contested by the holder of the ratings three seasons ago, Arsenal and West Ham United as a game opener.

Premier League United Kingdom soon rolling, 20 clubs ready to fight again for the title in the 2015-2016 season. The first week of the League United Kingdom will begin on Saturday (8/8/2015) by playing a match of Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur cons as the opening game.

In order not to miss a game in the inaugural Premier League weekend United Kingdom, here we present the direct broadcast schedule for you.

Manchester United will open its participation in Premier League 2015-2016 face Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (8/8/2015). This action will be the proving ground for a new rekrutan Red Devils.

MU became one of the most active teams on the stock transfer this summer. Recorded crime squads Louis van Gaal reacted that managed to get five players namely, Sergio Romero, Memphis Depay, Morgan Schneiderlin, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Matteo Darmian.