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Swansea vs Chelsea predictions: Prime Test The defending champion

Last season arsenal menggelontorkan spend 30 million pounds ($ 677 billion) for purchased, Chile striker Alexis Sanchez, plus £ 16 million plus create hook Danny Welbeck Manchester United, now tends the relaxed-chill out on the stock transfer.

Recruitment of fondling The Gunners only goalkeeper Petr Cech from Chelsea witha nominal 11 million pounds.

Manchester City were some of the last season of outrageous scatter money create bring top footballer also looks adem-ayem.

The chaos that they create only when paying young Raheem Sterling of 49 million pounds from Liverpool. At the same time they take off Endin Dzeko (AS Roma), James Milner (Liverpool), Stevan Jovetic (Internazionale Milan). The Club's payroll burdenlessened over the departure of the players.

Swansea vs Chelsea predictions: Prime Test The defending champion

If calculated since the 2011 to 2014, the total team player that penetrate sky blue costumed figure 283 million pounds! Such expenses bear two Premier League title United Kingdom, season 2011-2012 and 2013-2014.

Unfortunately, if speaking of financial bookkeeping, balance City is still a minus.

UEFA acted firmly uphold the rules of the game, the UEFA Financial Fair Play to theCity. In may 2014, dropping sanctions UEFA fine of 60 million pounds plus can onlyregister the 21 players in the Champions League, 2014-2015. Do not be surprised if the City impressed braked spending this season.

UEFA has now stringent monitor financial condition United Kingdom clubs. The point, Michels Platini et al. the clubs want the country United Kingdom's rulers wasted money lightly, without noting the balance of financial conditions.

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Swansea vs Chelsea predictions: Prime Test The defending champion

Financial Fair Play regulations require that the entire team registered for UEFA competitions are not owed to other clubs, their players, and social/tax authorities on all season.

The clubs are also obliged to obey the rules of break even, meaning that they are prohibited from spending money more than were produced.

This situation makes the transfer of stock in the League United Kingdom more under control. Practically, only Manchester United which looks ferocious, he brought a lot of star players.

Thus will the tensi competition English Premier League declined? Enjoy and we see later.

What about Indonesia? Our clubs are inspired by cultural change player in United Kingdom? Rampant cases of arrears of salary to a player on the stage of the IndonesiaSuper League last season showed some keroposnya business management of the clubs. When would want to first settled?

Ah never mind. First peaceful TRANSFER and Affairs.

Test weight named Swansea City faced defending champion Chelsea in action Premier League season United Kingdom premiere of 2015-2016. Mampukah raked The Blues maximum points?

Swansea vs Chelsea predictions: Prime Test The defending champion

Chelsea entertain Swansea City at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (8/8/2015). The Blues have a good record at the opening party of the United Kingdom with the Premier League unbeaten in 23 matches, with details of 20 WINS and three defeats.

However, mentally The Blues slumped in the middle of the party. The reason, the 0-1 defeat of Arsenal in the FA Community Shield last weekend. In order to maintain the tradition of victory in the inaugural game, Jose Mourinho could lose the best troops as often relegated last season. One player that could not be derived is Diego Costa. He suffered the injury when undergoing a trial game against Barcelona in the US some time ago.

"This is a very competitive League. Each team attempted to exert his best ability. Wehave to give 100 per cent the ability to grab the victory. That's because the game involves later physical and tactic, "said striker Radamel Falcao as reported by ESPN.

Costa's absence could only reduce the sharpness of The Blues. But there is still enough Loic Remy unreliable. Or maybe, Jose Mourinho fielded two strikers at the same time, the duet between Remy with Falcao.

Swansea could lose full power while visiting the Club headquarters to London it. Gary Monk will most likely try out new ammunition to arrive at this summer, Andre Ayew and Franck Tabaou.

"This is a new beginning. We want to increase the good things already achieved last season. We will try to showcase the best games and achieve positive results, "statedcoach Monk.

But, beat Chelsea at home is a very heavy Mission for any opponent. With the statusas defending champion and the more luxurious Squad, Chelsea could create a big win.