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Morata: Chelsea Wants To Make Me The Most Expensive Players

Liverpool FC coach, Juergen Klopp, claims to be ready if it should be faced with a hard choice when determining which player will be the starter in a match The Reds.

He was referring to the appearance of a 3-0 win against Derby County in the League Cup on Tuesday (8/9). Liverpool won despite committing seven Klopp turn of the player.

One is to install a new goalkeeper, Loris Karius, replacing Simon Mignolet.

In addition, Klopp also put up Emre New Can recover from injuries, and Marko Grujic who went down as a starter for the first time.

With the arrival of some new faces, not an impossible dilemma when faced with theKlopp The Reds boarded a cage Hull, Saturday (24/7).

Morata: Chelsea Wants To Make Me The Most Expensive Players

However, Klopp ensure that he's ready if had to choose among the players who are in a condition fit.

He also did not want to impose a new players were recovered as Emre Can go right back to nyetel with his associates.

"The more options I have will make it difficult in the vote, but it is so good. Can already fit, but he needs a restore rhythm game. I will not rush to install Can and he accepts my decision, "said Klopp.

He also confirmed that it will not throw out Danny Ings for granted after the player injuries last season.

"Ings just passed tough times, but he's already are in the right track. All can see it. Ings remain important players and all will be fine, "said Klopp.

Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan, are not denied the opportunity to return to Borussia Dortmund had left the Etihad Stadium at some point later.

Morata: Chelsea Wants To Make Me The Most Expensive Players

Gundogan had uniformed Dortmund for 5 seasons before she moved to the City in early 2015-2016. The Germany midfielder tied stronghold City with a 4 yearcontract.

After recovering from a knee injury, her debut when melakoni Guendogan City crushing Borussia Mönchengladbach with a score of 4-0 in the Champions League on Wednesday (14/9/1999).

He then scored his first goal for The Sky Blues when City win 4-0 over Bournemouth, Tuesday (17/9/1999).

"If it is moved in one or two years from now, I may not be happy with that decision.Because it means I failed or aren't able to develop themselves, "said Gundogan.

"If I was 29 or 30 years old, I don't know if Dortmund still want me. Basically, I would not rule out kemungkinman. But now, I have a big target, "he said.

Striker Alvaro Morata reveals itself had gotten bids joined Chelsea FC, before deciding to return to Real Madrid at the start of this season.

After strengthening Juventus for two seasons, Alvaro Morata decided return to Madrid. El Real recruiting Morata with reactivate purchase clause of the players.

In the process leading to the Santiago Bernabeu, Morata had speculated the target into Chelsea. Morata not denied it

"Chelsea showed the most interested team. Antonio Conte ever came up to me while at Juventus, "said Morata.

According to Morata, Chelsea gave a very tempting offer. However, Morata rejected it in favor of joining Madrid.

"I would be used as the most expensive Spain players. However, Madrid explained that they have plans for me and it has always been my dream, "he said.

Morata: Chelsea Wants To Make Me The Most Expensive Players

So far, Morata has had two goals from six appearances along with Real Madrid.

The Manager of Liverpool FC, Juergen Klopp, convey the comments Like Instagram related to his team a 3-0 victory over Derby County in the League Cup third round matches United Kingdom at iPro Stadium on Tuesday (20/9/2016).

The Reds goal scored by Ragnar Klavan (24 minutes), Philippe Coutinho (50 '), andOrigi Divock (54 ').

The first seven games of the season until 2016-2017, Liverpool have registered 19 goals. Such notes have surged rapidly when compared to the seven game The Reds early on last season that just produces five goals.

Klopp else confess to happily though know Coutinho cs can be great in action.

"We were better tonight and we deserved to win because we created a lot of chances. Can we perform better? Yes. However, does it matter? No, "said Klopp as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

Interpreter tactics birth Stuttgart, Germany, 49 years ago it assesses the seriousness of confronting the game more important than imposing asuhnya children perform better.

Moreover, United Kingdom League Cup competitions are often considered one eyeby the top clubs of the country, Queen Elizabeth II because its pre-eminence is under the Premier League and the FA Cup.

"You have to be 100 percent professional and really mean it in a match like this, which could be difficult," said Klopp.

Klopp has indeed proved to never underestimate your opponent. He manages to conjure up Liverpool into a team is very productive.