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Jose Mourinho Asked Heartened

"United not outnumbered in midfield, but I seem not to see the team's Jose in the derbi. You can't imagine that scenario when Roy Keane and Paul Scholes is still in play, "said Atkinson.

Mourinho is a lover of pragmatism that is acute. For him the match does not need to win big.

Quite a goal obtained in any way and then turn off the game. The things he had done with success at Chelsea and Internazionale.

However, the style now seems to have become a question of when the game is so colorful, full thrust and speed. Pragmatism Mourinho already then shiver in both deal with Chelsea.

Then, now, the pattern of Crime Against not only looks easy broken coach Josep Guardiola classmates, but also a team of architects like Walter Mazzarri at Watford.

Jose Mourinho Asked Heartened

It is also feared that once the Red Devil legend, Sir Bobby Charlton, Manchester United when choosing Mourinho on this season.

The figure of Mourinho is considered not ideal figures that could represent the image and tradition of those who embraced the attacking football.

Ball Winners

Meanwhile, another defendant, namely Pogba, criticised the style of dribel dribble or ineffective. Pogba is always trying to beat the three-four players with running ball.

Wind the spotlight against the style of the game becomes noticeably toned down because the former ruler of a successful Manchester United midfield, that Paul Scholes, who talk about it.

Scholes is famous as a player who gets a lot of respect not only because of his game, but also his reticent. While still playing, opponents have always thought if let Scholes then quarterback will make cuts.

Scholes blasted the Pogba appearance and call it too strive performance capabilities.

Conclusion Scholes was Pogba said instead of players who can be expected to dismantle the United defence with dribel done. Pogba was not the type of player who could split the midfield.

Jose Mourinho Asked Heartened

"With such great strikers Zlatan Ibrahimovic and also players who have speed like Marcus Rashford, then United had plenty of targets to serve as a resolver," said Scholes.

However, if there are only two defendants over the series defeat at Manchester United? It was not, there are still other defendants-defendants.

Midfielder Maruoane Howard is also widely referred to as the player play it safe and not United. Even Wayne Rooney any join touted.

Rooney even was said to start becoming a burden to the team and it was time to accept the reality can no longer too often play in the first team.

Rooney also called dizziness source other players because of his status as the seniorplayers who've lost speed.

The former Manchester United Defender Paul Parker, asked the Club coach, Jose Mourinho, to stop criticising the players themselves in the presence of the media.

Manchester United suffered a defeat in three games in a row. They serve 1-2 Manchester City 1-3 cons and Watford in the Premier League, and lost 0-1 against Feyenoord Rotterdam in the UEFA Europa League.

When it lost to Manchester City, Mourinho had said that some players did not perform optimally.

Jose Mourinho Asked Heartened

According to Parker, the player who defends the Man United from 1991 to 1996, Mourinho should not be doing so.

"He's been coached for 16 years and has never learned to accept Like Instagram Gratis defeat with a big heart. He always blames the referee and players. Mourinho may think he's free to sayanything and feel all the players will accept it. But no, "said Parker.

He compares the leadership Against former coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

"With Sir Alex Ferguson, the players learn to keep myself remarking. But he never openly blamed one player. Mourinho should have learned from the experience withChelsea, "said Parker again.

Along with his statement, Parker did not want to blame the new players such as Paul Pogba. Pogba was deemed not ready to adapt to Manchester United and make performance apiknya haven't really looked.

"He should be assisted by great players. Mourinho should bring back Bastian Schweinsteiger. He's a world champion and one of the world's best midfielders. Schweinsteiger will help Pogba, "he said.