Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Mauri: This Is The Best Team Lazio With Me

Lobbed face Cesena on Monday (16/3), coach Roberto Mancini is rumored to be still imposing striker Mauro Icardi to remain a mainstay of Internazionale. Although the22-year-old player was threatened would get penalized and weariness.

Icardi is currently only requires one yellow card again to make it get the sanctions suspension. If it gets on the counter action of Cesena, Inter will feel very lost Argentina midfielder that counter action at Sampdoria.

In addition, Icardi had almost always appear in every game In the series for Inter, Serie A Sampdoria player has appeared in 25 of the 26 matches Nerazzurri which make it likely to be experiencing fatigue and perhaps also to injury.

"Icardi should be relaxed and not thinking about the card. He would still be on the pitch tomorrow (the face of Cesena), "said Mancini.

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Mauri: This Is The Best Team Lazio With Me

In addition, Mancini also will likely lose their new Defender to arrive for free after choosing to leave Parma, Felipe Dias da Silva DalBelo. While Shawcross is likely to be saved.

"Dias Felipe also will likely get his debut because he was very useful to the flexibilityof the team. While Shawcross will rest because he has been playing constantly and recent weeks and experiencing fatigue is a normal thing, "he continued.

Although conquered by Wolfsburg on 1 leg of Europa League round of 16 with a score of 1-3, the appearance of Internazionale is actually the middle ranks in Serie a. This makes coach Roberto Mancini still felt sure the Nerazzurri can finish in 3rd position.

Until the 26th week, Inter are still located at position nine with 36 points. However, that still leaves the Serie A 12 match again making sure mancini could occupy the position of the 3rd because only a few 10 points.

Mauri: This Is The Best Team Lazio With Me

This kind of thing is not never experienced Mancini in his entire career. 50 year old coach that's never done it together with manchester City that managed to bring his team winning many points over Manchester United then became ruler of the Premier League.

"Of course no one could feel happy with the result that (lost 1-3 from Wolfsburg), despite the defeat of 1-2 is fair enough for us," said Mancini.

"I remain confident that my team was able to rise because we just lost due to the fault of the individual. As long as there are still points available, we could finish in third position in Serie A and also we should not forget that the team that is above we can make mistakes all the time. "

"Don't forget that at Manchester City, I've led a lot of points from Manchester United, although the current situation is not optimal. We'll see where we are in the next four games, but to be able to finish in third position it's not impossible. "

Midfielder Stefano Mauri said that the Lazio team currently is the best for him being part of the squad. This condition makes the Biancocelesti can now be menargatkanback into next season's Champions League.

Mauri: This Is The Best Team Lazio With Me

In the 26th week of the Serie A, Lazio was in the 3rd position of the standings with 46 points. The same scoring with Napoli in fourth position and only four digits to be embedded from AS Roma who are in the 2nd position.

"As I said in training pramusim, this is the best team Lazio I ever come into play. Now there are so unified squads as well as youth players mix with that experience andhave proven to be very effective, "said Mauri to Lazio Style Radio.

Mauri who is Captain of Lazio, explained the reason for the ban handed to captain to the young quarterback was 20 years, Danilo Cataldi. This happens when the Biancocelesti 4-0 victory over Fiorentina, while 35-year-old player was replaced Ogenyi Onazi in 81 minutes.

"This is a gift because Danilo has proven itself as a very smart child. Other more experienced players and I wanted to make him understand that he is very important forLazio, "he continued.