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Roberto Mancini made a miracle in Milan

Former Roma defender Nicolas Burdisso, calling, captain Francesco Totti is a fantastic player. However, the 34-year-old Defender it mentions Il Capitalo Giallorossi is nota leader.

Burdisso is now playing with Genoa. Argentina midfielder was ever defending Rome for 4.5 years since the beginning of the 2009-2010 season until January 2014.

However, Burdisso has a surprising opinion for Idol fans Rome aged 39 years. Former Inter Milan Defender it says Totti is a great player, but not the team leader.

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"Francesco is a fantastic player and never be a burden for the team. However, he never questioned whether better could play for 15 years in Rome and holds a or 20 years, but did not win any, "said Burdisso told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"In the perspective of football, he is not a leader who was able to spur the team to be in the forefront in the field. Daniele De Rossi is the best in this case. He also neverwant to skip Totti, "said Burdisso.

Roberto Mancini made a miracle in Milan

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Totti has joined the Academy of Rome since the age of 13 years. Since its debut in 1992, Totti has appeared alongside Rome as much as 717 matches in all competitions and scored 292 goals and 111 assists.

The topic of anomalies reserved Inter Milan who are in the top Serie A standings this season remains a matter of discussion media-media Italy.

Due 1-2 defeat at home to Napoli in early weekend, Inter Milan had to cede the throne to hand the team Italy South of it. The negative result leaves a clear distinctionbetween the two camps.

The emergence of Gonzalo Dismisses as engraver dwigol victory of Naples shouldmake Inter envy. Azzurri, nicknames of Napoli, the more valid became one of the strong candidates winning the scudetto 2015-2016 capital because it has complete. They have sharp predator classmates Dismisses, who's been carving out 12 goals untilthe weekend.

The status of the bomber that Argentina is now the King of goals while the Serie a.Napoli in total, noted the third sharpest productivity in the League with 26 goals in the collection. They just lost to AS Roma (29 goals) and Fiorentina (27).

Roberto Mancini made a miracle in Milan

On the contrary, the sector Maurizio Sarri is owner of tertangguh due to the new defense conceded nine times. How about Inter?

In the aspect of Defense, inimitable Real Madrid squads shared the place with Naples as the team suffered the fewest goals. However, the comparison becomes jomplang when looking at production Division front line.

Already a public discussion that lack Inter this season is minimal scoring. Despite a runner-up seat to inhabit, I Nerazzurri lost sharply compared to 14 teams,Sampdoria. Mauro Icardi new scored 17 cs. goals, while Sampdoria 20 seeds.

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Collection gol Nerazzurri team household even outnumbered the combined recordof the two players to attack Naples, Dismisses and Lorenzo Insigne (19 goals)! The real highlights yet again the bomber lead to number nine, Icardi. When Argentina striker against Napoli, that's like disappearing.

When the club played with 10 men due to red cards Yuto Nagatomo, Mancini sacrificing Icardi and replace it with the player. Adem Ljajic winger ever moved into a central striker aka nine false appearance. The results are thus better because Inter are capable of scoring.

Mancini had a heavy duty crank up their front line of sharpness that has rataan scored very low. Inter had six offensive players, but their combined new collecting 10 goals in 14 weeks!

Here's the details. Icardi carve out four goals in 909 minutes appear, so the ratio was only achieved one goal every 227 minutes. Stevan Jovetic recently gave three goals over 673 hours main (one goal per 224 minutes), followed by donations of dwigolIvan Perisic (434) and clove from Ljajic (444). Rodrigo Palacio and Rey Manaj have not accounted for the goals.

Sportmediaset to mention Mancini as do wonders since forming Inter the scudetto-winning as a candidate without having the figure of semodel for example, bomberDismisses in Naples.