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Juventus Extend contract of Evra through 2017

The Real Madrid midfielder, Mateo Kovacic, States will not return to Internazionale of Milan for the last coached by Roberto Mancini. Kovacic opened his opportunity to join Juventus or AC Milan.

Croatia midfielder it became Real Madrid's player since August 2015. He would go home with a transfer value of reaching 31 million euros ($ 473 billion).

However, his career at the Santiago Bernabeu thus dims. Kovacic noted only playedas a starter as much as eight times from 25 appearances in La Liga.

Kovacic any votes will be looking for a new port in order to get a chance to appearon a regular basis.

Earlier, the Director of Inter Piero Ausilio hope Kovacic not join rival clubs, i.e.Juventus and AC Milan. Even so, Kovacic thus cannot close the opportunity.

Juventus Extend contract of Evra through 2017

"You never know what will happen in life. So, I cannot rule out playing for Juventusor Milan in the future, "said Kovacic, as reported by the Italy Football Monday (6/6/2016).

In that occasion, Kovacic also opens opportunities to return to Inter, howeverKovacic stated that it will not be realized as long as Inter are still coached by Roberto Mancini.

"I am not going back to Inter if Roberto Mancini is still coaching. I've had some problems with it, and it can't be I have to say, "said Kovacic.

When taken care of Mancini at Inter, Kovacic actually belongs to the most played. However, when going from Inter, Kovacic stated his discontent against the coaching style of Mancini.

One of the factors is a matter of his discontent at playing position. Kovacic had revealed that Mancini has been playing it in a position that is not supposed to be.

"I prefer to play as a defensive midfielder. Inter had made a mistake by changing my natural position, "Kovacic said.

Juventus Extend contract of Evra through 2017

Juventus inaugurated a ' recruitment ' fast this summer. Camps I Bianconeri (Black-White) to extend the contract of Defender wing Patrice Evra (35) until 2017.

The old contract expires at the end of Evra. The club saw the player is still vital in passing experience to younger players in the squads of Juventus.

It is the reason the Bianconeri adds service Evra another year with an option for a second year extension buat.

"Two years ago, Patrice Evra landed at Caselle Airport. After two seasons, 69 appearances and five trophies later, you could say that choice proved to be right. " Such a resounding statement of kubu Juventus.

All season 2015-2016, Evra appeared in 26 Serie A party with carving of two goals. Bertahannya ex Manchester United crew that will be offset by the presence of Dani Alves to strengthen the midfield behind Ochoa on the opposite side.

However, the decision withstand Evra worth is questionable if discussing a matter in the body-regeneration programs.

Upholstery Evra in the post Defender, Alex Sandro (25), appears assured on debut season at Arsenal with a capital of 32 matches and two goals on a wide range of event all season 2015-2016.

Awaits whether serving plays Sandro will be reduced, increased, or remained, givenstatistics appearance Evra is still brilliant at dusk.

Sevilla and Internazionale of Milan have not announced at all transfers Ever game show. However, the Argentina midfielder was already ensured that he will soon be changing clubs.

The contract ended in Seville along with the game show of the summer 2016. Player27 years was touted will soon join the Inter with free transfer status.

Juventus Extend contract of Evra through 2017

The news was justified by the player. The game show claimed to have say farewell with his colleagues in Seville, after two years of strengthening the Club.

"I have enjoyed two spectacular years in Seville," said game show as reported by theUnited States, on Monday (6/6/2016).

"It was a tough decision, but there is a chance I had to take. I will be winger, and we've reached an agreement, "he said.

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The game show were carried off Sevilla from Valencia in August 2014. For two years in Seville, the game show records 94 appearances and scored 12 goals in the wholecompetition.

The game show any one of the players who accompany Sevilla picked up two league titles Europa, i.e. in 2015 and 2016.

Currently, the game show are currently participating in the Copa America Argentinanational team alongside Centenario.