Senin, 28 November 2016

Howard Webb: Man United A Penalty Should Be Able

Tottenham Hotspur Defender, Danny Rose, expressing sorrow that hit his team's pascalaga against Chelsea FC.

The moment happened in the quarter-finals to 36 Premier League-2015-2016. Tottenham, which needs a victory to remain in the hunt for the title track, swallowing the results of series 2-2 at Chelsea HQ.

Tottenham had a chance to Excel at two goals ahead through Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. three points in front of the eyes disappear after the creation of goals replies via Gary Cahill and Eden Hazard.

Because of the draw in the derbi London, Spurs could again pursue points Leicester City which is in the top of the table.

According to the confession of the Rose, the atmosphere of the guest team dressing room at Stamford Bridge a sudden commotion after the match. The players cry over their fate.

Howard Webb: Man United A Penalty Should Be Able

Spurs finish the season with a third place finish with a collection of 70 points. They lost four digits from the jawara, Leicester.

"Feeling after the match against Chelsea last season is something I never want to feel again. Some players cried in the locker room, "said Rose quoted the Daily Mail.

"We do not want to feel it again. I hope everyone is learning from mistakes and we try hard this season, "said 26-year-old player was.

The 2016-2017 season, Spurs remain in fifth after the melakoni table 12. Their points tally is 24. As for the Chelsea occupy the top position with 28 points.

An interesting story behind the reigning Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal which ended 1-draw at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (19/11/1999).

As the BBC reported, two supporters of Man United's reckless hiding in the bathroom at Old Trafford on Friday (18/11/1999), or a day ahead of the game.

Both the supporters actually was doing a tour of the stadium but they chose broke away from the groups.

However, their desire to witness the action does not materialize. The supporters of the second action by the stadium security unnoticed. They were then handed over to the police but did not catch them.

These too have been supporters of both digeladah and stuff they have been checked by the detector to make sure whether they are carrying dangerous objects.

Howard Webb: Man United A Penalty Should Be Able

Man United has ever faced a terror when entertaining Bournemout on May 15, 2016. The game was canceled because the police found a suspicious package at the tribune part of the North and West.

About 15 minutes ahead of kick-off, the audience had to be evacuated following a security warning from officers inside the stadium.

Not only the spectators, the players who are doing any warm-up had to leave the field at the time.

Manchester United should get a penalty kick, following Antonio Valencia is not allowed in the match advanced counterinsurgency Arsenal in Premier League Stadium, Old Trafford, Saturday (19/11/1999). It was delivered by the former Premier Leaguereferee, Howard Webb.

The match ended 1-draw. On 35 minutes as both teams played a goalless draw, Valencia dropped Nacho Monreal in the penalty box.

From the replay looks, Monreal trying to hinder movement by attaching while Valencia in Valencia's left leg.

Kubu Man United immediately filed a protest after the incident. However, referee Andre Marriner unmoved by deciding the action continue.

"I saw the incident through reruns and I rate the contacts between the two players is not so mean. However, whether Monreal inhibits Valencia when you try to get the ball? Yes correct. According to me, the incident is clearly a penalty and I surprised Andre didn't give a penalty, "said Webb to BT Sport.

Howard Webb: Man United A Penalty Should Be Able

After the game, Manager Jose Mourinho rejects Manchester United Man commented reserved verdict Mariner did not give a penalty to his team.

"I don't want to talk about that. I have a good thought with the tambah like instagram Mariner. He is the referee that if done wrong against my team, there is no specific meaning. He doesn't want to be a star in his field, "explained Mourinho.

"He's a good referee. I don't want to say whether it was a mistake or not. I know because I saw the video. However, I don't want to say anything because he is a good referee, "said Mourinho again.