Kamis, 17 November 2016

(14 November) The Battlefield Named Highbury

Prior to the United Kingdom and Italy involved in World War II which lasted from 1939 to 1945, both of which are already involved in advance in the mini Stadium in Highbury on November www.1001instalike.com 14, 1934. Mini war was entitled contested by a friendly matchbetween United Kingdom national team against Italy.

The match itself ended with United Kingdom's victory 3-2. However, 56,000 pairs of eyes that watched the match at Highbury may will commemorate this match as one of the game hard enough, even as the war. Battle of Highbury into the heading of this match, because of the many injured players, even until there is are having broken bones.

(14 November) The Battlefield Named Highbury

Get a lot of attention, because an agreement between the world champions and thenational team is strong enough, a lot of seasonings that accompany this match. Italywanted to retain their world champion status with the national team beat the United Kingdom does not participate in the 1934 World Cup, let alone the Prime Minister of Italy, Benito Mussolini, promised gifts of cars and money of 150 paun (big enough when it) if they are able to defeat the United Kingdom national team.

In the meantime, the United Kingdom does not take part in the 1934 World Cup, wants to beat Italy in order to get their claims as the best team in the world. With these spices, matches became so eagerly anticipated by the public. In fact what is happening in the field is the brutality that, just maybe, it is a prequel to the second world war will happen afterwards.

Italy started the match with a hard, after one of their players, Luis Monti, suffered abroken leg after colliding with the players United Kingdom, Ted Drake. When it is, there is no rule that requires players who are out of the field because of an injury to be replaced, so that Italy played with 10 players.

(14 November) The Battlefield Named Highbury

Cederanya Monti it raises indignation in Italy among the players. United Kingdom players, Eddie Hapgood had to come out after suffering a broken nose bone when it collided with the player Italy. Not just the Hapgood, Eric Brook must come out of the field after he suffered a severe injury in his arm. The Three Lions playing with nine players.

Lucky when left by Brook and Hapgood, United Kingdom is already winning 3-0 over the Azzuri through two goals from Brook (the ' 3, ' 10) and Drake (' 12). Italy managed to reply with a hard-earned in the second half through Giuseppe Meazza (' 58, '62). Meazza scored a hattrick almost had his shot at the last minute is not about goalposts. United Kingdom wins 3-2 in a match characterized by seven players Arsenalbecame the starting line-up in the match.

Afterwards, as we know, at the 1939 World War II ever raged. Unfortunately, Italy along with Benito Mussolini failed to reply and be the losing side. United Kingdom remains the winning party thanks to the wit of Winston Churchill.