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Sale Of Shares Inter Milan End The Era Of Massimo Moratti

Origin of the China business group, Suning Group, officially ruled a majority stake ofInter Milan. Acquisition process that put an end to the era of ownership of Massimo Moratti at the Club beralias I Nerazzurri (black-blue).

Suning master 68.55 percent stake. Erick Thohir remained President of the Club with 31 percent ownership stake, while the rest of 0.45 percent belong to small investors.

No name Pick again in the ' cake ' Division of ration stock Nerazzurri. The incident was the first time in two decades.

Moratti, 71 years old, took over the baton of the Presidency in the hands of the Inter Ernesto Pellegrini in 1995.

Though it had undergone a period of clouds in the early leadership of Galatasary, the Nerazzurri overall melakoni one of the golden period in the history of the Club with him.

Sale Of Shares Inter Milan End The Era Of Massimo Moratti

During the 18 years under the control of Moratti, Inter grabbed 5 league titles, 4 Italy Coppa Italy, 4 Italy Super Cup, as well as each one Champions League trophy, the UEFA Cup, and the Club World Cup.

For the sake of strengthening Inter, Moratti also recruited a world class stars, such as Ronaldo, Christian Vieri, Luis Roberto Carlos, Hernan Crespo, Ivan Zamorano, untilZlatan Ibrahimovic and Luis Figo.

On November 15, 2013, oil conglomerate that Italy stepped down from the seats and submit them to the President he is.

The President is the successor of Indonesia origin controlled 70 per cent of assets, but Moratti still bound with the Club due to ration ownership 29.5 percent stake. Pick your position when it is Honorary President of Inter.

Nearly three years later, on June 6, 2016, freelance financial ties already Moratti withInter after the inauguration of the acquisition by the Suning Group.

The glassy eyes that men no longer get stock Nerazzurri cake because its assets were already removed in order to pave the way for the new owners.

A new era of Inter Milan officially starts on Monday (6/6/2016). Club beralias I Nerazzurri (black-blue) is under the control of the Suning Group, a consortium of giant China which controlled a majority stake.

Suning Holdings Group reportedly acquired 68.55 percent stake Inter President Erick Thohir goto 31 percent, while the rest of 0.45 percent owned by small investors.

Sale Of Shares Inter Milan End The Era Of Massimo Moratti

Sportmediaset writing deal takeover rights cost 270 million or equivalent to Rp 4.1 trillion.

Transactions of the two camps is monumental because it believed would pave the way a thick invasion of the other marsupials financiers origin China for strategic market penetrated Europe.

"The cooperation is really important because Suning build bridges between China and one of the famous Club in Italy," said the Chairman of the Football Association ofChina, Cai Zhenhua, told the Financial Times.

In addition to targeting cooperation with Inter, the Suning Group aiming for strategic investment via step acquisition Stellar Group.

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Sale Of Shares Inter Milan End The Era Of Massimo Moratti

The company based in the United Kingdom it is the Agency in the field of players with a number of clients reached 143 and the total value of the contract a number of439 million u.s. dollars.

Famous clients of Stellar Group of which Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), Joe Hart (Manchester City), Luke Shaw (Manchester United), Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City).

Suning Group is China's giant business group which became the parent of various famous brands, such as Alibaba Group (e-commerce) and Suning Jiangsu FC (Football Club).

Suning is led by Zhang Jindong, the 28th richest person in China and 403 in the world. Forbes noted Mister Zhang has personal wealth 3.7 billion euro or equivalent to Rp 56.22 trillion!

Suning Group formally took over a majority stake of Inter Milan. The transfer of ownership was announced both sides at a press conference in Nanjing, China, Monday(6/6/2016).

Before, 70 percent shares of West Java Club I Nerazzurri dominated by International Sports Capital Chairman Erick Thohir. The rest is under the Internazionale Holding belong to Massimo Moratti.

As a consequence, Moratti that in fact the ex President of the Club, had to retreat from Inter Milan. As for Erick Thohir remained in the President's Chair.

Sale Of Shares Inter Milan End The Era Of Massimo Moratti

Stock transfer related to this, He stated, "a partnership with the Suning Group has transformed Inter Milan. In the two and a half years, we build a solid foundation for the Club. This partnership brings the Club to the next step. "

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Suning Group Zhang Jindong see great opportunities from an agreement with a club called I Nerazzurri.

What's more, football is a popular sport in China. Inter became the magnet when choosing Bamboo Curtain Country as destination tour pramusim last year.

"This deal possible fans in China and the Asia-Pacific region are becoming increasingly close. As for Suning could develop as trademarks in Europe and the world, "saidZhang Jindong.