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Napoli win over Torino, Dismisses the print Record Touchdowns

Striker Gonzalo Dismisses (28 years) print record of goals in Serie A, Sunday (8/5/2016) local time. At the same time Napoli also managed to get a 2-0 victory when browsed the headquarters of Torino at the Stadio Olimpico.

Victory over Torino deliver Naples regained second position standings while the Serie A from the hands of AS Roma. The current Naples package 79 points or winning two points of Rome.

In this match Napoli showed the dominance of the game even though it appears as a guest team since the first minute.

Superior in possession makes them superior can directly match was 12 minutes. Is the Time scored the first goal with a right-foot kick from inside the penalty box aftergetting feedback from Marek Hamsik.

It is the goal of nicks to the 33-2 this season in the Italian Serie a. the amount makes it has a record as the first player to be incised 33 goals in one season since recordAntonio Angelillo in 1958-1959.

Napoli could double the advantage to 2-0 in the 20th minute. Again starting from the bait Hamsik, this time successful Callejon mengonversikannya became the goal kick from close range inside the box of Turin.

Along the first half Turin continued to be under pressure. However, the pause untilNapoli winning 2-0.

The second half with the home team gradually managed to reduce the dominance of the game. Although lagging behind 0-2, Turin refused to surrender and continued to attempt to score a goal.

Giampiero Ventura's squad attempt to fruition on 66 minutes. Turin manages to transform the position into a 1-2.

Napoli win over Torino, Dismisses the print Record Touchdowns

Goals were scored from inside the box the Bruno Perez penalty utilizing breakthrough bait Giuseppe Vives.

Enter the 73 Napoli draw three pillars in stages, namely jasa like instagram Lorenzo Insigne, Marek Hamsik, and Callejon. Turn the players make the game becomes a lot in midfield.

During the extra time in the second half to complete the match with Torino. Not just losing a second yellow card, given to Vives add value to their negative. Naples ever ensure a 2-1 victory.

Juventus are surprisingly lost 1-2 on a trip to the headquarters of old Hellas Veronain Serie A in the advanced Stadium Marc ' Antonio Bentegodi, Sunday (8/5/2016) local time.

Verona victory thanks to the execution of the penalty of Luca Toni (43 minutes), andSpurn Federico Viviani (55 '). As for the Juventus goal created through penalty kickPaulo Dybala (90 ' + 4).

This game won't determine again for both camps. Juventus has been crowned as Serie A champions since the weekend to-35, while Verona certainly relegated to Serie B.

Nevertheless, this game feels emotionally for Toni. The reason, Toni had already declared that the counter party will be the last game for Juventus in his career as a footballer.

Verona's game proved to be more effective. Relying on counterattacks, LuigiDelneri's team success surprise Serie A champion five consecutive seasons.

Verona any open superiority on 43 minutes through Toni penalty execution. 38 year-old players that fool the untrained goalkeeper of Juventus, Neto, with kickpanenka.

A penalty awarded by the referee because of Juventus Defender, Alex Sandro, breach Eros Pisano. Sandro ever rewarded yellow card.

Napoli win over Torino, Dismisses the print Record Touchdowns

Entering the second half, the ball is still dominated by Massimiliano Allegri. However, Verona still able to surprise apparently on 55 minutes.

Starting from the backlash built Toni, the ball then given to Artur Ionita. After that, let go of the bait to Viviani Ionita which easily pass on the ball against Juventus.

Lagged two goals, Juventus increasing the intensity of the attack. As a result, on 71minutes, Jack Simone Zaza is able to break down the goal of Verona.

However, the Juventus goal were annulled by a judge because Zaza line already entered in the offside position.

During injury time, Sandro getting a second yellow card from the referee because itdid set up against players of Verona. Juventus must play with 10 people.

However, a few minutes later, Juventus earn penalty after Zaza dropped Filip Helander. Dybala appointed executor is able to execute its task very well.